Connections Winter 2018 Session

CONNECTIONS EDUCATION HOUR for adults of all ages and life stages is held Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:15 AM. The 2018 Winter Session will begin on January 14 and run through March 4.  Registration is available after worship services on Sundays, December 10, 17, and January 7, as well as in the church office during the week. Choose from 3 classes:

Hebrews (Leader: Rev. Bob Collins) – The Book of Hebrews is thought by some to be the most difficult book of the New Testament for modern readers.  For many years, Rev. Bob Collins has devoted much of his free time to the study of The Book of Hebrews.  Rev. Collins quotes Dr. William Barclay: “I believe that there is no book in the New Testament which is more worth the effort to understand. I believe that no New Testament book gives us such a glorious picture of Jesus Christ, in all the splendor of His manhood and in all the majesty for His deity.”  Join Rev. Collins as he leads you to better and deeper understanding of this important book.

More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell (Leader: JoAnn Brown) – As a skeptic, Josh McDowell decided to investigate the Christian faith in order to better debunk its beliefs. To his surprise, he found the evidence supported rather than disproved Christianity. Join JoAnn Brown as she leads you through the book and helps you examine the facts that will help you dispute the myths and misconceptions surrounding Christianity and better defend your beliefs.

What Are Christians to Make of Suffering? (Leader: John Hutson) – Suffering is a  challenge to the Christian religion and to every Christian personally. Preparing ourselves as Christians for suffering involves two things: knowledge and faith. “We will consider the problem in both intellectual and emotional terms and see how a number of individual Christians  have faced the problem. We will utilize the book, Where is God When It Hurts? by Phillip Yancey.”

A word about Connections member books:  If books are used for a class, they will be available for purchase from the leader during the first 2 sessions only. You are free to purchase a copy from  another source, purchase an e-book if available, or borrow a copy. Scholarships are available for all Connections classes. Contact Coordinator, Susan Hutson at 928-443-0469 for more information.